Big City Interiors provides professional interior home improvement services. The main focus of our services are painting, floor refinishing, heavy and window cleaning and window treatment installation. We also provide services in hardwood floor sanding as well as wallpaper hanging and removal. We work in close collaboration with our clients in order to make sure that our service is tailored to their requirements and expectations. Meeting our client’s needs is our priority.

rsz_stockvault-hotel-lobby-seating145095Interior PaintingWe offer standard and decorative painting services for both traditional and contemporary styles.
rsz_stockvault-wooden-part-of-smoke-cabin135666Floor RefinishingOur crew of experts provides professional floor refinishing and resurfacing services.
rsz_stockvault-wooden-part-of-smoke-cabin135666Window Treatment InstallationWe offer top quality window treatment installation services.
rsz_stockvault-hotel-lobby-seating145095Heavy Cleaning / Window CleaningOur cleaning team provides efficient and professional cleaning services.